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TAGMods is the industry leader for fabrication of custom pieces for brands globally. We create amazing builds you never thought possible — whether you want to build the world’s smallest water cooled PC, or a 300KG behemoth Halo desk, we’re your best bet for a flawless job.

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From Render To Reality.

If you can dream it, we can build it. TAGMods was created as a result of Ethan Cooper’s love of tinkering and electronics, his creative mind and a mission to push boundaries and think outside of the box. TAGMods offers industry-leading PC & Console customization services ranging from simple vinyl wraps to completely original one-off builds.

Exceptional Build Quality.

Over the years, we’ve handled some pretty sweet builds for clients all over the globe. We take your vision and bring it to life — using pure creativity and amazing teamwork. We make sure every single project is done to perfection, using the highest quality materials. Everyone at TAGMods love what they do, and always put in 100% into every client project.

Who is TagMods?

TAGMods is your one stop shop for all your PC & Console customization needs. Located in Geelong, Australia, our shop houses a small, yet experienced team of overly dedicated creators. Everyday, the team works towards the goal of creating one-off custom works of art for our clients.


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We’ve worked with heaps of  brands across the globe to deliver incredible builds.

Meet The Team

The awesome people creating magic behind the scenes.

Ethan Cooper

CEO | Master Builder

I’m Ethan Cooper, founder of TAGMods.

I’ve been building custom PCs and Consoles since 2015. It all started out with modding a PC in my tiny uni dorm – Now we get to build crazy things for some of the biggest companies in the world… Quite the snowball effect!

Chris was an original Co Founder of TAGMods and now takes lead on converting the teams weird and wacky ideas into tangible concepts that can actually be built!

Christopher Larkin


Daniel Robertson

Lead Photographer

Robbo takes the lead on making the builds look just as good on camera as they do in real life!

Robbo has been shooting with TAGMods since our first ever project!

Mat has worked in esports and gaming since 2013, across a range of roles including legal, commercial, talent management, sales and marketing. Assisting the team both in sales and his own creativity, Mat is the brains behind the social media of TAGMods.

Mathew Brand

Sales & Marketing Manager

George Jorgenson

Head of HR

Not only is George the goodest of boys. But he handles payroll like a pro (if provided treats)


You Imagine, We Create

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